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When you need help, we’ve got you covered with a comprehensive garage door repair and garage door installation in Akron OH:

  • We install new garage doors – large selection of the most reliable and popular brands
  • We repair garage doors – all the most popular brands
  • Broken, bent or misaligned rollers and tracks
  • Broken cables & panels
  • Overhead springs or torsion springs / extension springs
  • We replace garage doors  (automated garage doors, manual garage doors, carriage garage doors)
  • Garage door safety senor installation and repair
  • Garage door motors, remotes
  • Garage door maintenance and inspections

When it comes to choosing Garage Door Repair companies, you want to be sure to choose someone who can do the job right first time, and who can be relied upon to offer unbiased advice on the necessary repair or the need for garage door replacement.

 Your garage doors are an essential component of your property. They’re the largest moving part in your home and because of this, there are inherent safety concerns as well as investment and aesthetic concerns.  Garage doors safeguard both your vehicles and the access into your home if your garage is attached.

They are also a major factor in the overall presentation of your home and contribute, or detract, from the property’s curb appeal. Broken garage doors are not only unsightly, but they immediately lessen the property value.

You simply can’t afford to take risks.

When you need things put right in a hurry, we’re here for you. Our qualified and certified, experienced and reliable technicians are specially selected and rigorously trained to assess your specific situation and provide you with unbiased and professional recommendations. They are also trained to communicate with you in a friendly, helpful and informative manner so that you always know exactly what the problem and the solution are.

Garage Door Repair

We service and install all the most popular garage door brands and are therefore able to provide you with all the possible options allowing you to make the final decision about what will work best for you.

What happens if I have an emergency?

When things go wrong, you need someone to take care of them right away.  We endeavor to always provide you with a prompt response. But just because there’s an emergency doesn’t mean that it has to be an extra expense!

There are times you’ll need your doors replaced – but there are other times when refurbishing or repairing the doors will be best and will be more cost effective.  You’ll find that when it comes toAkron garage door professionals, we able to provide you with an extremely high level of service at extremely competitive pricing and we don’t push you into opting for anything you don’t need.  Whatever your Akron garage door service requirements may be, call us for a fast and free estimate and a prompt, friendly response.

Garage Door Installation

We know that you don’t deal with these kinds of decisions every day and you may not be 100% sure about how to tell if you’re choosing the right Akron garage door company.  Here are a few things you’ll want to know:

  • We offer what we call a ‘peace of mind’ guarantee.  We give you a written guarantee on the work we perform and a manufacturer’s warranty on all the products installed during new installations and repairs.
  • We also guarantee a prompt service and we guarantee unbiased recommendations.  We are not agents for any specific brand and we don’t work on commission so we are not in fluenced to influence you toward any particular product or course of action.  Our recommendations are based purely on what would be best for you and your home.
  • Our technicians are certified and experienced.  They undergo extensive and rigorous training and they are required to regularly take refresher courses so that their skills and knowledge is always current and competent.
  • We are fully licensed and we’re bonded and insured.
  • We have many years experience not only in garage door installation and repairs, but in your neighborhood.  We are part of your community.
  • Here is some general information about garage doors